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Publications by NIS or its principal staff

A large part of the work of Nash Information Services Inc. and its staff is the preparation of written reports on our activities and investigations. We have also written a number of books for publication by others. NIS also has published specialty materials itself, first in the form of microfiche, and later on diskettes and ultimately online.

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Practical Forecasting for Managers
John & Mary Nash

The authors hold the rights to this book and have made it available at

Compact Numerical Methods for Computers: Linear algebra and function minimisation
J C Nash
The first edition of this work was published by Adam Hilger Ltd. of Bristol in February of 1979, which was taken over by Institute of Physics Publications. IOP published the second edition in 1990, with the step-and-description programs replaced by Turbo Pascal codes. These codes were supplied on a diskette or, more recently, by coupon (at no extra charge). However, the undocumented codes -- the book is the documentation -- can be found on Netlib as the pascal collection. More recently, the book was acquired by Taylor and Francis under the CRC Press imprint. An electronic version was published by Dr. Dobbs Essential (Computer) Books in 1998, but sources of this version seem to have vanished.

Nonlinear Parameter Estimation: an Integrated System in Basic (with additional material and software)
John C Nash and Mary Walker-Smith
Originally published by Marcel Dekker, New York. The rights reverted to the authors and are now available in electronic form with some additional material.

Scientific Problem Solving with PCs
John & Mary Nash
This was available as one of the electronic books in
Dr. Dobbs Essential Books: Numerics/Numerical Programming CD.
Sources of this CD appear to have vanished. However, we retained rights other than the CD version and a version is available at

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