Who are we?

Nash Information Services Inc. is a private Canadian corporation, founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1982, providing information, information management and calculation services to business, government and industry. The company also continues its original activity as a publisher of specialty materials. The company's principals are authors of a number of technical books and articles.

Dr. John C. Nash, President of Nash Information Services Inc., obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Calgary (in Chemistry) and his doctorate in Mathematics from Oxford. He was in charge of a statistical analysis unit for Agriculture Canada until 1980, and is now Full Professor in the Faculty of Administration of the University of Ottawa. Dr. Nash is the author of Compact numerical methods for computers (Bristol: Adam Hilger and New York: American Institute of Physics, 1979 and Second Edition with software diskette, 1990), Effective scientific problem solving with small computers (Virginia: Reston, 1984) Nonlinear parameter estimation: an integrated system in BASIC (New York: Dekker, 1987, co-authored with Mary Walker-Smith), Scientific Computing with PCs  (Miller Freeman Inc.: San Mateo, 1998, co-authored with Mary Nash) and Practical Forecasting for Managers (Arnold: London, 2001, co-authored with Mary Nash).  His research and popular writings cover a wide range of topics in computers, mathematics and information science. He has been mathematics columnist for Interface Age and the Scientific Computing editor for Byte magazine. He was an Associate Editor of The American Statistician for a number of years, and Editor and Managing Editor of SSC Liaison for the Statistical Society of Canada from 1991 to 1994. He is a frequent invited speaker on topics related to statistical computing, microcomputer applications, and risk management. At the University of Ottawa, he taught statistics for management, forecasting techniques, government online and managing technological risk, as well as leading an number of professional development courses. He was also involved in a number of open-source software projects including TellTable (formerly at www.telltable.com and sourceforge.net/projects/telltable-s/?source=directory), Etutor and the testing effort of the Gnumeric project (www.gnumeric.org). Dr. Nash is fluent in French. There is a  résumé and publications list for Dr. Nash on this system.

Mary M. Nash obtained her B.Sc. (Chemistry) from the University of Calgary. Her Bachelor of Library Sciences (B.L.S.) from the University of Alberta was supported by a National Research Council of Canada Library Science Scholarship. As the Nancy Stirling Lambert Scholar she earned a Master's in Librarianship from the University of Wales (UK). She has wide-ranging experience gained over more than twenty-five years in the library, publishing and information provider and management industries. Her specialties involve the design and use of databases and information systems (both manual and computerized). Ms. Nash is the author of Books on Demand (Oxford: Oxford Microform Publications, 1976), co-author of book Scientific Computing with PCs and Practical Forecasting for Managers (see above) and a number of technical and popular papers. There is a résumé and publications list for Mary Nash on this system.

In 1976 Ms. Nash founded Nash Information Services. As a consultant, she has carried out contracts in the areas of information systems analysis and product development, records management, writing and editing and training and teaching. She has a strong familiarity with many online information retrieval services and has assisted clients in the implementation of a variety of automated library management systems. Example contracts are listed on this system. Ms. Nash has also maintained an active involvement in information management professional societies and four years she was the Canadian correspondent for Online Review.

Ms. Nash uses many types of computer systems. She has installed Internet access tools and prepared documents in various formats for presentation or distribution, of which this document is an example. Mary Nash has taught courses and led industrial and government training seminars on various topics. She is a frequent invited lecturer and conference speaker. In addition to English, she has a working knowledge of French, Dutch and German.

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