TellTable is a multi-platform, open source application framework which provides a secure and auditable multi-user system for managing, reviewing and analyzing spreadsheet changes.

TellTable-View is a stand-alone program to review and analyze audit trail information for a spreadsheet.

TellTable-View analyses calc spreadsheets containing change information and directs the user to suspect changes. By simply configuring various filter settings the entire document (containing a single or multiple spreadsheets) can be quickly and easy checked for suspect changes. Note that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files can be imported to calc and it can write files in Excel format, but we cannot then guarantee the reliability of the change record.

TellTable-View uses filters to reduce the workload of the analyst. Current types of filters include the standard:
- Author name,
- Date range,
- Cell address range.

Stronger analysis is possible by cell content filtering. Examples of settings include:
- Formula cells changed to static cells,
- ex. changing "=Sum()" to "=100" to force the desired result
- Initial cell entries (i.e. entering information into a blank cell)

All filters can be set to be inclusive or exclusive and wild cards are allowed. Additionally in the case of Author name, case can be ignored. Finally, multiple filters can be enabled to allow for a complex analysis. For example:
1. select all changes made by "J* Doe",
2. between "December 24, 2001 and January 1, 2002", that
3. weren't initial entries.

In setting (1), "*"finds "J. Doe, Jane Doe, John Doe or other combinations starting with "J" and ending with "Doe". The user could also set "case ignore" to true to capture furthercombinations that might have been missed.

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