NOTE: this web-page is outdated. The TellTable project is no longer active, though some of the ideas have been used in other software e.g., Savvydox.

TellTable is a cross-platform, open source network application framework which provides a secure and auditable multi-user system for managing, reviewing, tracking, auditing and analyzing all spreadsheet changes.

Look no further! TellTable can help! It is the first systematic framework for providing a full audit trail of a spreadsheet. Every change is recorded.

TellTable is a collaborative project with the participation of government, private and academic workers. It is built upon open source components. Clients of TellTable will have access to the source code.

TellTable has two main elements:

TellTable Office Suite Applications

A TellTable server permits the shared, auditable use of any office-suite file, and can also launch customized applications. telltable-s is the open source software project site for these developments.

Contact information:

Note: remove the underscores from our email addresses before sending. They are there to inhibit spam robots.

More information

Demo disk (no longer available)

You can try out TellTable with our TellTable LiveCD (based on the Knoppix liveCD version 3.3). Download the ISO image (was available) as
Note: this is a BIG file -- about 600 MB. You will then need to burn the image onto a CD and "boot" it in your Intel/AMD PC. We need to run a server and two clients to demonstrate TellTable fully.

Version française

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