Risk and Opportunity Anticipation

Nash Information Services Inc. offers its clients the benefits of the particular capabilities of its principals to combine forecasting and risk management skills and expertise. Technological, social and political change require business and government to be prepared. We can provide your management with advice, training, and customized research to anticipate the risks and opportunities your organization may face. Furthermore, our long-standing experience in teaching and advising on risk management can be available to assist you to communicate key issues to senior management, staff, shareholders and customers.

Because of the generally sensitive nature of forecasting for long-range planning, Nash Information Services Inc. almost always assigns only its principals to these tasks. We prefer to work closely with senior technical and decision-making executives of client organizations to maintain the focus on the key issues of concern.

Nash Information Services Inc. has over two decades of experience in both forecasting and risk management. Our clients have included a variety of public and private organizations in North America, Europe and Australasia. Though we are proud of our work, by policy we generally do not report our contracts in this area on our personal or corporate résumés.

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