Nash Information Services Inc.

1975 Bel-Air Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 0X1, Canada
TEL: (613) 225 3781 FAX: (613) 225 6553 email: mnash _at_

Electronic publications

available for download:

pentium1.txt - description of

pentium1.exe - a hypertext of commentary and analysis of the Intel Pentium FDIV "bug"

swtaxi0.txt - description of the Software Taxi freeware DOS hypertext

swtaxi0.exe - self-extracting archive of the Software Taxi DOS hypertext

scpcdoc.pdf - a sample chapter and front material from Nash and Nash, Scientific computing with PCs

nlpechap.pdf - a sample chapter from the Nash/Walker-Smith book Nonlinear Parameter Estimation (Adobe Acrobat format)

nlpeextn.pdf - a sample chapter of the Nash/Walker-Smith extensions and examples to Nonlinear Parameter Estimation (Adobe Acrobat format)

nlpefw.exe - a self-extracting archive of the freeware sample of the Nash/Walker-Smith nonlinear parameter estimation code

leqb05a.exe - a self-extracting archive of a freeware BASIC source code tiny linear algebra system

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