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Welcome to the Nash Information Services Inc. website (now with OVH). Mary Nash Information Services was started as a sole-proprietorship in the spring of 1976. It became simply Nash Information Services in 1980 and was federally incorporated July 16, 1982, and dissolved July 8, 2015. Nash Information Services was a Canadian company specializing in providing consulting and publishing services to government and industry world-wide. John and Mary Nash, the principals of the company, are both retired, though we individually maintain an interest in our fields offering volunteer help and occasional paid activities where our expertise is sought and is appropriate.

This web site is being continued to provide historical context and links to our publications and works.

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Frohn Faces and Times: Some descendants of Franciscus Frohn 1718 - 2001
De Frohns: Beeld van een Familie, Afstammelingen van Franciscus Frohn 1718 - 2001

The Nash Family of Pembury, circa 1750-2002

The Moss Family of S. London, circa 1750-2004

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